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Now that all the sheet metal work has been completed minor imperfections in the shape and surface have to be removed with filler and surfacer. This involves applying about a pound of filler to an area and then removing 15 ounces with sandpaper. We used various grades both in discs on a dual action sander and in strip form on a 18" long sanding handle. The handle is very good on the flat areas of the XK such as the wing sides and the doors. The paper comes pre-cut and I used the self adhesive backed sheets as they are cheaper than the alternative Velcro backing.

We used 80 grit for the rough work and then went through the finer grades to 240. You can keep going for hours convincing yourself that there are still places where the surface is not quite right. In fact, once painted, even where we were totally happy, if you are really critical you could say that more work was needed but in the end you have to decide that enough is enough and at that point you start to paint.

My strong impression before the car was painted was that it looked a lot better in the bare metal. Once you put on even the lightest skim of filler or surfacer the car looks as though it has been bodged up cheaply in some back street garage. Once thing's for sure, it certainly wasn't cheap.




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Jaguar XK 140 Restoration