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Engine Removal

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Getting the engine and gearbox out was more of a task than I was expecting. I took off all the ancillaries and also removed the inlet and exhaust manifolds. The exhaust manifold is straightforward enough to get off the engine. I wanted to remove the inlet manifold complete with carburettors but it turns out that mounting studs for the carburettors go right through the manifold to the head and that you can't even take the carburettors off as a pair because they foul the bodywork. Eventually I found that if I undid the linkages and the large pipe from the AED everything came apart.

Once I started work on lifting the engine it was soon obvious just how amazingly heavy this power unit is. I estimate that it weighs about 700lbs undressed. The service manuals says fit slings front and back, lift the engine off its mountings, pull it forward and then lift it by the front.

OK. So what are you supposed to do with it while you are repositioning the sling to lift it by the front? In the end, after several tries, we got the angle right. This is quite steep as the picture shows.

The main problem was in getting enough height to clear the tubular brace that goes between the front wings. At full stretch my crane left me needing about three more inches. We let the front tyres down to get a bit more clearance but then the legs of the engine crane fouled on the anti-roll ball mountings. In the end, I jacked the back of the car up and managed to lift the end of the gearbox by hand enough for it all to clear the brace.

There are several things that I will do differently next time. I will certainly remove the mounting brackets from the engine once they are unbolted from the chassis rubbers. These brackets got in the way a lot. They fouled on the torsion bars and on the steering column. Later they caught on the bodywork at the front. I would also remove the gearbox extension as this shortens the unit considerably. Although I didn't do it to start with I had to remove the oil filter because that also fouled the steering column. You wouldn't have this particular problem on a LHD car.


Finally, the engine is out. And the car hovers in mid-air

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