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The chassis needed some repair work - in fact, rather more than I expected. I found a bit more corrosion than was at first apparent and the then there was the previously mentioned problem of the enlarged location hole for the lower wishbone inner mountings. Once the chassis was inverted it was obvious that there was more damage around the anti-roll bar mountings and even worse, there was some corrosion on both sides right at the front around the same area.

The chassis went off to a Sprayblast fabrications in High Wycombe to be blasted and repaired. This company specialises in this kind of work and is closely linked to the now defunct Classic Panels, who used to make all the repair sections.

After blasting and repair, the chassis was zinc rich primer powder coated and then finished in black gloss powder coat. It does look magnificent and in some ways it is a shame to start fitting it up.
















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Jaguar XK 140 Restoration