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Completing the Metalwork

The front wings both needed side repair panels as there was extensive rust in this area. Also, on each there were small holes under the indicators so repair sections were needed here as well.

The right hand wing had been damaged slightly on the front corner so James Lawrance made the repair section on this side a little longer. There are pictures of all the repair panels in the sheet metal section. I wanted to save the headlamp pod because it can be difficult to match them perfectly so we melted out the lead and then drilled out all the spot welds. Once the pod was cleaned up it was fitted to the new wing. Both sidelight pods also had to be replaced. The picture shows the headlight pod ready to be leaded. The sidelight is already done.

Before finally welding up the little joining panel between the front wings, we put the bonnet on and adjusted the side to side position of the wings so there was a good fit with the bonnet all the way round.


The finished under bonnet area with all repairs completed.




Finally adjusting all the shut lines took some time but once I was happy with them everything was ready for leading.

Jaguar used a lot of lead in the construction of XK bodies particularly with the drop heads around where the windscreen frame joins the top of the scuttle. I left this alone as much as possible but the the whole car still needed more than twenty sticks of lead (and there wasn't that much on the floor afterwards).


New left hand sidelight pod ready for leading. (Alternative transport until XK is finished in background)





Interior with steering column fitted to position lower bracket.




Once all the fiddling about adjusting things was done, I was able to push the whole body out of the garage so that I could stand back and take a look at it. It is very difficult to tell close up to a car whether it looks right or not. When I did finally get to stand back it looked OK to me.













At this stage the body is nearly ready for filling and paint. The car will be Old English White but I haven't yet decided whether to paint it myself or to put this work out. The one job still to do is to build up the doors and fit the hood frame to make sure that the window tops and hood meet up as they should. I have been told that there have been cars where you couldn't open the door once the hood was up.

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