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Progress in 2007

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In 2004 unforeseen events occurred which resulted firstly in all work having to stop on the project and ultimately the loss of the garage. This meant that the cars either had to be sold as they were or that I had to find a solution to their storage. At this point the E Type was not so difficult a problem in that it was untouched and therefore a complete unrestored car. It didn't run but at least you could push it about.


The XK on the other hand was mass of bits. This was just about the worst situation to be in. I had box upon box of parts, some new, some not. The chassis was bare, the suspension dismantled but not cleaned and the body was on a trolley which wouldn't go on a standard car trailer because the distance between the wheels wasn't wide enough. The engine had already been overhauled by VSE. The gearbox and rear axle also had been stripped and rebuilt by specialists. 

In the end, Mike Moore of Broomstick Cars came to the rescue (and he had a flat bed trailer). I arranged with him that he would start work on the E to bring it to MoT standard (this is a whole new story) and that when that was done he would assemble the bits of the XK so that it would move under it own power. I hoped then to be in a position to take the project back over to its conclusion.



At the present time the E Type is finished and the XK almost has reached the point at which I can take it back. Regrettably, there are only a few pictures of progress in Mike's workshop but I have recorded what I have here.

I will continue the work and I intend to keep a record of my progress by updating this site as there are new things to add.




Jaguar XK 140 Restoration