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The Final Chapter

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On Monday 15th October 2007 the E Type passed its first MoT test for nearly 30 years. There are still some jobs to do and as one of my best friends is very fond of putting it, the process will be one of continuous improvement. 

An example of this will be in the seats. When I bought the car the leather looked used and dirty but was sound. I had hoped to clean it and feed it with hide food to make it more supple. I could, of course, have had the seats recovered but I wanted to keep that original used appearance that some people call patina. Unfortunately, during the renovation the leather seems to have dried out and gone hard because the driver's seat cushion now has some cracks in the leather that were not there in the first place. I am still hoping that the the leather can be fed and softened and the the damaged panels  replaced without the need to get rid of more than the split parts.





There are other areas that I want to tidy up especially under the bonnet and in time I may fit a set of new wiring harnesses. There are also a few small parts still to find such as the rear view mirror and the nacelle for the steering column stalk. But for the most part the work is done and the car can be used. 



And some more up to date pictures after a couple of seasons use.




























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