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While I was still working on the XK140 I saw an E Type project advertised. I know that I shouldn't even have started to consider it but it looked so sad and in need of saving. It is a 1970 Series II E Type and it was being advertised by Jeremy Wade in the XK Gazette. Those who know how Jeremy writes his advertisements will immediately understand how enticing he makes even the most outrageous of projects sound. He described this particular car as being 'unmolested' and as things turned out, if it had a virtue at all that was definitely its only one. 

Anyway, I went to see it. It didn't look too bad: the chrome was shot, there was a big hole in the driver's door and the right hand front wing was crumbling away the wire wheels were useless (although the 20 year old tyres still had good tread). The engine didn't run and I found the radiator electric fans in the boot but the interior apart from carpets left me thinking I could do something with it. On the plus side it was being sold with a brand new factory wing. On reflection, that's not all that much of a plus but it was good enough for me at the time.

The car had obviously been stored for a long time probably in barn or outbuilding.  The last road tax expired in 1979 and I guess that was when it was last used. The DVLA records show that there have been three previous owners the last of whom bought the car in 1973 so he kept it for over 27 years. 

The car is registered ADJ111H and has the chassis number 1R1400 which means that it comes from near the middle of the production first registered February 1970


Having seen the car I tried to convince myself not to buy it and I didn't ring Jeremy for about a week. It has to be said that there was some family opposition and I had to promise my then wife that I wouldn't touch it until the XK was finished. That's not quite what happened as we shall see.

Anyway, a deal was done with Jeremy who included delivery  to my house as part of the deal. I didn't really fancy the drive up to Market Drayton. It may not be 'not far from anywhere' but if you actually want to go there 'it's quite a long way from everywhere'

When the car arrived I played with it for while checking that the rust holes in the floor had allowed the water to drain out in the normal way, pumped up the tyres and kept nipping out the garage to make sure it was still there but apart from that I honestly did try to leave it alone.

Until one day my curiosity got the better of me.





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