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Change of Plan

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So now I hade an overhauled and nicely repainted engine sitting on the workshop floor looking very smart. "Do you really want to put this straight back in the frame" Mike asked me. Well, the frame was sound enough but it really did look awful and so did the front suspension. I asked Mike what he was suggesting and of course it was that we pull back the wiring harness, do some masking up and then paint the under bonnet area. 

"It'll be much easier to do now than after we put the engine back" he said. The logic of that was inescapable but of course now we starting to spend money on cosmetics, not just on getting the car back on the road. This is the start of a slippery slope as I think anyone who has tried to just restore the basics of a car will understand. You do some nice work and then it is hard to leave other things which are functional but look horrible alone.

OK. I agreed to the under-bonnet painting and this turned out to be just the first step on a long road of un-budgeted expense which ultimately lead to the whole car  being restored.




But then, of course, once the wing was fitted to the bonnet that had to be painted too and then the door skin on the drivers door and so on. Pretty soon I had to agree to the whole car being painted.



Click here for some pictures of the bodywork and paint




Jaguar E Type Restoration